BMW E9X Clockspring Steering Wheel Hardwire Kit


The E9X platform does NOT have a reliable 12V coming through the steering wheel for the LED steering wheel to piggy back off of. People can tap into the cigarette lighter, but that requires a lot of work and it does not make for a clean installation.

This hardwire kit will allow you to tap into a 12V from your OBD - which comes from your LED steering wheel module box. It will allow you to have a pin that transmits the proper voltage so you can easily tap into the wheel without having a wire winding up in the steering wheel.

The kit will include:

1x OEM clock spring
1x wire long enough to go to your OBD module
1x pin connector
1x OBD Ribbon extension
1x Posi-Tap
1x Spare 5 amp fuse (You will want to have it handy in case you blow a fuse and your dash display doesn't work)

Everything will be assembled for you to to plug and play. Please allow a week for assembly, as these are made to order.

If you're using an MHD connector, it will not work the same time as your steering wheel.

For more info and installation, please watch this video on our YouTube: