E9X Paint splatter interior trim


Item is made to order

If you're like me, the interior trim is so boring, and usually get's too dark. Why not brighten it up? Your interior needs to be as aggressive as your exterior. I believe aluminum is boring and stock, while carbon fiber -again.. too dark! 


This paint splatter trim is 100% OEM trim primed, painted and cleared! It gives it an artsy and crazy look. Only for the daring who truly want to stand out from the crowd. Why? Because, it's a crowd pleaser. One of the very few mods I've done and have always gotten compliments..

Fit: E90/E91/E92/E93 - ALL years (please select) M3 OWNERS: Please choose the "NO NAV" option, since your center piece will not be replaced on M3s.
Color: White or black base with yellow, red, blue splatter. let me know if you have a special request..
Installation: can be done by yourself or with help. Very easy to remove the trim with pry tools.
Availability: Trims are only as available as inventory allows. Contact me if you see something you'd like, I can order the trim ahead of time.. Each trim has about a 1 week turnaround time.


Contact me at sales@mashimarho.com for more information or to set up in the core exchange program. $$$ returned once received on our end.

Warning: Due to fresh paint, you may smell the fumes and odors of paint/clear. Be warned and I recommend either letting them sit for a bit, or driving with the windows down for a bit to air it out.
Disclaimer: I cannot warranty the paint. Please advise that this is done at your own risk. Due to the nature of style of painting and splatters, it does not always come out perfect or have same results as previous jobs. They are random.