S65 E9X M3 Burble/Flame Tune

Alpine Performance

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Alpine Motorsports has been offering tunes for the BMWs for SEVERAL years. Now's your chance to take advantage of this tune for the S65 M3. 
Please purchase your tune at this link: https://www.alpinemss.com/product_p/fmt.htm
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Burbles and flames optional.

Motor tune information:

20-25hp 17-21lbs of torque (on a fully stock vehicle.)

Every motor tune comes with a cable that is mated to your vehicle’s VIN.


– Updating factory motor software to the latest version for the life of the vehicle (currently on 241E.)

– Switching between multiple tuning maps with multiple different tuning options. 7min per map switch.

– Returning to stock at any time.

– Valet mode, red line is reduced to 4000RPM with limited power & protection for low octane fuels.

– Diagnosis, the ability to read fault codes from the motor (with description) & clear fault codes on your windows laptop.

– Clear Adaptions.

– ECU recovery for crashed ECUs.

Tuning features/options:

– Optimized torque levels/management

– Optimization of vanos

– Optimized throttle control for non-sport & sport mode (M Mode)

– Servotronics (steering) tuning stiffer steering for better control. (Optional for both sport (m mode) & non sport modes.

– Raised RPM Limiter (optional)

– Speed Limit delete (optional)

– Cold Start Delete (optional)

– Launch control for manual transmission vehicles (optional)

– Ignition timing optimized for octane of fuel (90, 91, 93, 100 and more)

– Exhaust Burble (Optional)