E9X F30 style Automatic Shifter with LED



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At Mashimarho, we would have to say this is hands down the FIRST, and absolute MUST DO mod for any E9X Automatic transmission owner. This does NOT include DCT 335is.

This transforms your look, driving experience, and also engages you, as the driver, far more with your vehicle! No one EVER liked that big silver block sitting in the middle of your console. This is a very easy upgrade that takes 15 minutes to swap over. It illuminates during the day and at night for a very clean look.

Pair it with our (or any) manual boot to complete the look you want (and to eliminate the side console display). See our installed photo of our customer with his manual boot.

The shifter pops and boot pops off, quite easily. You just have to unplug and replug, and done!

For LHD vehicles only*