Lip for F8X Style Bumper

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Finish off your F8X bumper with the perfect combo. One of the ONLY lips available for these M4 rep bumpers! This lip is a great look for this bumper and gives the perfect ground affect. It is slightly angled downward to give an aggressive appeal 
Also fits F series M3/M4 Rep bumper on 3/4 series. DOES NOT COME WITH BUMPER.

Material: Unpainted Polypropylene plastic.
Please use professional to help with install. Self tapping screws may be included.
Please screw into the bottom of the bumper to make it fit. Bumper and lip lines may not line up directly, but the screws will bring the lip to the bumper like so. It is the way this was intended. Please check pictures for details.
Do not try to "line it up" with anything. Put the lip under the bumper and drill it in, done! It is more of a splitter. The rear will seem like it's an inch short. It does not fill in the lip cracks. Just acts as a splitter.

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