NRW Carbon Fiber Corner Brace F2X F3X F87

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Most of the time, carbon fiber serves as a functional staple while looking really really gorgeous. This particular time, it is a 2 piece item that creates stability between the strut tower and front mid ship of the sub frame. 

The build out is 64oz of Grand Master Twill High Density and the reinforcement core is Aerospace grade foam insert in the axial Y plane. Stronger than 6061 Aluminum of the same thickness while being lighter and has a 3 stage urethane finish for a lifetime of gloss and beauty. 

Take your choice of your carbon twill. 

We are an EXCLUSIVE NRW dealer for the BMW division and offer free shipping within the US 48 states. You can't get this anywhere else.

Install: Each set includes 2x 8mm Forged Nylon 12 CF washers to insulate and allow the part to remain rigid in cornering. Just bolts right in. Should take 5 minutes total.

Weight: 200 grams per side. Approximately 80% weight reduction from OEM. Each brace is reinforced internally with Lanter Soric XF core materials, which are used in Aerospace applications for the F21 Raptor Jet. 

Fits: (should also fit F30)
BMW F23 228i N20 2.0L
BMW F23 228i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F23 230i B46 2.0L
BMW F23 230i xDrive B46 2.0L
BMW F23 M235i N55 3.0L
BMW F23 M235i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F23 M240i B58 3.0L
BMW F23 M240i xDrive B58 3.0L
BMW F33 428i N20 2.0L
BMW F33 428i xDrive N20 2.0L
BMW F33 430i B46 2.0L
BMW F33 430i xDrive B46 2.0L
BMW F33 435i N55 3.0L
BMW F33 435i xDrive N55 3.0L
BMW F33 440i B58 3.0L
BMW F33 440i xDrive B58 3.0L
BMW F87 M2 N55 3.0L