Extended Paddle shifters

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The biggest issue with the steering wheel on the BMWs with automatic transmission are the paddle shifters. Sometimes they're weird, like the Pre LCI E series with the push/pull mechanism. It doesn't make sense.
For the others, they're just too small! Sometimes, it's hard to use them because they're out of reach. This extended kit will not only allow you to use the elongated paddle shifters, but for the pre LCI E series, you get the dump the old push/pull style and finally feel like you're driving a real car with the correct paddles. Paddle conversion kit courtesy of NRW
Yes, these will also convert the system for you as well. The conversion ALSO works for the F series.

Don't cheap out on buying covers or overlays. This is the real deal entire replacement. These will give you easy reach and instant response.

Material: Aluminum

Installation: 3/10 difficulty. Takes 20-30 minutes. Remove the steering wheel and unscrew the the bolt(s) holding the paddles then replace. 
Then, follow the following instructions: