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E9X M3
E8X/E9X 3 Series
E36/E46 3 Series
E36/E46 M3
F series 3 series
F Series M cars

This is the Double Shear Selector Rod required for the E9X 335i/M3 for engines: N54, N55, S65


Adjustable HD Gearshift Rod for BMW Getrag and ZF Gearboxes
also for all aother cars with Getrag Gearboxes

Replacement for the OE BMW gearshift rod.

Recommended for Racing use or to fix the weakest link in the transmission selector system.


required for some applications when running our PSDesigns Shifters.

Adjustable from 125 - max 160 mm (hole distance)

Made from High-strength aluminum
Milled from solid and hard anodized for optimal durability and corrosion resistance

Includes Stainless steel bolt, E-clips and Pivot bars.


3' E21

3' E30

3' E36 M3 S50

3' E36 M3 S52 

3' E46 M3

3`E90 M3 V8

3`E90 LCI M3 V8

3`E92 M3 V8

3`E92 LCI M3 V8

3`E93 M3 V8

3`E93 LCI M3 V8

1´E81  130i 

1´E87  130i 

1´E87  LCI 130i 

3´E90 330i N52

3´E90 330i N52N

3´E90 330i N53

3´E90 LCI 330i N52N

3´E90 LCI 330i N53

3´E91 330i N52

3´E91 330i N52N

3´E91 330i N53

3´E91 LCI 330i N52N

3´E91 LCI 330i N53

3´E92 330i N52N

3´E92 330i N53

3´E92 LCI 330i N52N

3´E92 LCI 330i N53

3´E93 330i N52N

3´E93 330i N53

3´E93 LCI 330i N52N

3´E93 LCI 330i N53

X1 E84 28i N52N

M2 F87                      

M2 F87 LCI              

M3 F80

M3 F80 LCI

M4 F82

M4 F82 LCI

M4 F83

M4 F83 LCI