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The hottest attraction at Mashimarho, currently! Anticipating to be our biggest seller for the best mod for your BMW, PERIOD!

PLEASE read our instructions below to get this amazing, perfect upgrade for your car.
Instructions are towards the bottom. 

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT getting an EXTRA key.

This upgrade is going to upgrade your boring key fob to the latest and greatest design from BMW, the G Series or "X5M" Key Fob! Yes, it's got the same quality weight to it.

We will transform your old key to the new key. We transfer all the internals over. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR OLD KEY WILL BE DESTROYED. We HIGHLY recommend sending us a spare (2nd) key if you have one. Triple check the key STILL works with your car. If it does not work with your car, it will not work with the new one.

BMW Logo badges will not be included.

E Series Chassis Vehicles (315 MHz): *IMPORTANT*
YOU MUST HAVE COMFORT ACCESS (Keyless entry and keyless start).
You will not be able to plug your key into the ignition slot. You will only have the 3 button silver key fob option. You cannot choose black during check out. You will NOT have the cut key blade, because it is a different key shape than the newer cars.
We will transform your old key to the new key. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR OLD KEY WILL BE DESTROYED. We HIGHLY recommend sending us a spare (2nd) key if you have one. You will NOT have a keyblade made.


F Series Chassis Vehicles (315 MHz OR 434 MHz):
We will create and transform your key into the black or silver option. If your remote has 3 buttons, you will get a 3 button key, if it has 4, you will get a 4 button key. A new keyblade will be cut and used into the new key. You will get your old keyblade back. The old remote fob WILL be destroyed. We HIGHLY recommend sending us a spare (2nd) key if you have one. You will be without a key otherwise.

Vehicle compatibility list:
E series (with comfort access): E6X, E7X, E8X, E9X 

F series: F2X, F3X, F45/F46, F06/F11/F12/F18, F03/F04, F8X

Note some incompatible keys are in the above list. Some key features of INCOMPATIBLE KEYS are as follows: The back of the key has the designation "Continental" and the key with circuit boards that do not have the designation of HUF on the board behind the battery. Please check your key Fob for these indicators before shipping us your key fob.


1A. Place your order here. Make the correct selection.
If you want (2) keys done, please make an order for (2).
1B. Find your key frequency in the physical key fob slot (on the side). See our photo for reference. Select it on our drop down menu.

2A. Pack your entire key safely in a small box. DO NOT USE BUBBLE MAILER OR ENVELOPE. We highly recommend using tracking, insured, and sign on delivery to ensure your key's safety. Lost, stolen, damaged key is not our responsibility. 
You don't have to give us the tracking number. We will receive it just fine without it.
IMPORTANT: Please put your order number (#2XXXXX) in the box as well. So, we can find and match it with your order. If you do not do this, it will delay your return.
2B. Please ship to:

Mashimarho (KEY)
5030 208th St SW
Suite A
Lynnwood, WA 98036 USA

3. Once we receive it, we will go ahead and process your order right away. You will receive shipping confirmation when we ship it out.




By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that this item is ineligible for a refund, return, cancellation or exchange. Please view our Return Policy for more information. 
MASHIMARHO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR  Lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged keys.
You will understand this is not an OEM BMW keyfob. Like aftermarket items, it will not function as 100% original BMW equipment. We have no control over your key function.


Q: Will there be warranty on these keys?
A: Yes, we will provide a 1 year warranty against malfunctions. This will not include physical damage, water damage, lost/stolen keys, or batteries.

Q: How long does this process take?
A: Once we receive it, you can expect 3-6 business days

Q: Is there faster shipping options?
A: Absolutely, please contact us, and we can do overnight shipping. You will be responsible for the difference.

Q: Will my key be the same as the original?
A: Yes, we will use a professional locksmith to ensure proper measurements for an OEM-like key. 

Q: How can I tell which frequency key I have?
A: Open your physical keyblade slot and check on the side marking. It will indicate. Use our photo for reference.

Q: Will I need to do any coding or programming?
A: No, this is fully ready to go out of our box! Just enjoy!

Q: Will painted keyfobs color wear?
A: Just like any painted materials, they are prone to normal wear and tear. Taking them in and out of your pocket or bag will cause scratches and dull the clear or paint over time. Please be aware of this. We use high quality paint and clear coat, but they are not indestructible.