About Us

Hi, my name is Sean. Mashimarho.com started with a passion within the BMW E9X community, a very niche market. That passion later turned into a small business which caters to over 100,000 enthusiasts worldwide. Throughout this journey, I've met thousands of people that had that same passion for these beautiful machines. My goal was to network this passion and connect it with the rest of the community, to be original, and to have fun. You will notice that a lot of these items are fabricated by people who love making these things on the side. Some of these are not from manufactures who upcharge  a whole lot for the brand name or origin.

Mission Statement: At Mashimarho, I've been wanting to share my passion with everyone who has been enjoying my build journey and following my Social Media. This unique online store approach, gives you the ability to experience the same build quality and styling you've been longing for. Everyday, I wake up to questions on where to purchase the the wheels, lip, etc. Now, everyone has access to these and much more!