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Tired of the same old look in your BMW's interior? Step up your customization game with our revolutionary gauge cluster replacements. Unlike mere stickers, these are fully integrated, colored gauge face replacements designed specifically for BMWs.

Gone are the days of settling for stock dials. Our replacements offer a seamless upgrade that transforms your dashboard with vibrant, customizable colors. Don't see a color you're looking for? Email us at with your specs and we'll be happy to help. 

Gauges cannot be made to include M logos. 

Crafted to OEM standards, these gauge faces ensure a perfect fit and finish. Once installed, they become a permanent part of your interior—no going back to stock without replacing the entire cluster. Best of all, no complex coding is needed unless you decide to adjust RPM or MPH settings.

Elevate your driving experience with gauge cluster replacements that redefine customization for BMW enthusiasts. It's time to make your interior as unique as your driving style.

Follow the directions below for installation support or watch this link:

To install:
1. Remove your old cluster. This is done with 2 small screws up top in your dash. Take out the cluster and remove the one single plug in the back.
Note: Do this with your car turned OFF and do not start your car until it is plugged back in.

2. Take off the lens. You will see there is tamper proof tape on the sides. ONCE YOU DO THIS, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR WARRANTY. You are breaking the OEM seal.

3. Remove the needles. The BEST way is to use 2 metal spoons.
The trick is to lift it up EQUALLY and STRAIGHT. DO NOT turn the dials at all. Turning the dials backwards may damage the motor.
Note: If you want to do the red needle conversion, now is the time to do it. Many customers use a red Sharpie to complete this. This way light will still shine through. And, it's cheap and easy.

4. Mark the middle of the RPM or a point (like an RPM number) so you can line up the new gauge. THEN Remove the old gauge face. It's just glued on. Be careful, but just simply remove it.
Note: clean off some of the old glue left behind. Just most of it is okay.

5. Then, take off the backing of the new one... Align the new one on and apply it! This is where steady heads will come in play. make sure to line up the RPM line or the middle if you marked it.

BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR NEEDLES BACK, PLUG YOUR CLUSTER BACK IN! Do not start the motor, you can turn the electronics on real quick and turn them back off. You will hear the car recalibrating. It should take around 30-60 seconds.
This will just reset the needles back to the ZERO position.
Now, once done... You can put the needles back in. Place them perfectly onto the zero position.

7. Put the lens back on (feel free to clean them first if they're dusty).

8. Plug it back in, put the 2 screws back in, and enjoy!
Thanks! Don't forget to tag us on social! @Mashimarho

Please remember not to rotate your dials the opposite way!

Mashimarho is not responsible for any damages caused to cluster, gauges, needles etc.

Custom colors and designs are available upon request. Please email for inquiries.

For F3X gauges, please determine whether you have the small or large display LED screen in your cluster in the notes section.


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