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Small (16 oz.)
Medium (32 oz.)
Large (64 oz.)
Extra Large (128 oz.)

There has been a tremendous amount of hype for this. So, we're SUPER excited to announce this and bring this forward. Because, EVERYONE has wanted to get their seats color changed. We've gotten hundreds of requests for the RED! Now you don't have to buy new seats or find the perfect car, but not the right interior color.
We've wanted to take the proper steps to perfect this kit for everyone...
So, as usual, please read the entire listing before making your purchase.

Check the color code you desire and match it with the listing. If you do not see a color you currently desire, please contact us!
If your seat color has faded, it may not match identically. 

I've partnered with AutoleatherDye (experts in the leather dyeing industry) to bring this product to our market. Mashimarho is an exclusive retailer for this bundle, at this unbeatable price! Items are shipped FAST!

All kits will include:

  • Leather dye (in desired size and color)
  • Prep cleaner
  • Adhesion primer
  • Top Coat (optional use)
  • Leather Protection cream
  • Sponges, microfiber towel, gloves, and instruction manual.
  • Full support from AutoleatherDye team!

Small 16 oz. - enough for front seats or touch ups
Medium 32 oz. - may be enough for full color change for E9X size chassis. (if your leather is worn/light/extended, you will want 64 oz to be safe).
Large 64 oz. - enough for full color change in all vehicles. I would suggest getting this size if you are going from Black to a lighter color; like red.
Extra Large 128 oz. - multiple vehicles


  • Please be patient. Allow adequate time for drying process
  • Apply like it is paint. Do you wipe too hard. You want to leave a layer of color on the surface.
  • Do not use too much dye/top coat during a pass. You may get dark spots
  • Do not use excessive heat. Please use a hair dryer with distance or on "cool" mode
  • For best results, use a paint spray gun and do light even coats.
  • If your seats are waxy/shiny/oily you need to scrub with light sand paper possibly, or the dye will not stick!

E92 Seat removal DIY: https://bit.ly/2YBHOQS (copy and paste link)

Installation: SEE HERE

Q: Will the dye stain my clothes?
A: With proper installation and dry time, absolutely not!! Please follow the instructions. 

Q: How much material do I need?
A: I would suggest 64 oz when in doubt. Please DO NOT apply too much dye to surface. It can cause peeling, because it will not allow the bottom layer(s) to cure.

Q: How long does this process take?
A: To do the full interior, it could take as little as 2 days with extra hands. Most likely a weekend project. 24 hours for just front seats.

Q: Will it work on black?
A: Absolutely! It may take an extra coat or two. Buy the 64 oz kit if you're going to do Black to red or Black to beige.

Q: Will it match my current/existing color?
A: Yes! if your seats seem to be really worn or faded, it may not match entirely. But, it will be the OEM color match.

Q: Do I have to take out my interior?
A: You do not. You can work carefully with it inside the vehicle. Be sure to mask properly and be careful. 

Q: Will it work on other surfaces?
A: Yes, it can work on leather, soft vinyl, synthetic leather.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Quite long. Just as long as OEM leather. The top coat will give it superior durability. We are going strong after 5 years.

Q: How is this applied?
A: The kit includes a sponge. You can also spray this onto your leather. I recommend spray (it comes out cleaner/faster). We do not recommend hand application with sponge.

Q: Can I buy more dye?
A: Yes, email us. 

Q: My leather is oily/slick/shiny, what can I do to change the color?
A: If you've used over the shelf leather care products like Armorall or similar, then will really need to scrub the surface for it to stay on properly. It will not bond to your surface well if you do not. I would suggest 1000 grit sand paper even, and buff the surface a bit. You need a great surfasce to apply to for best results.

Please note
: Mashimarho will not be held responsible/liable for any damages, misuse, or errors during dye installation. Please unplug your battery if you choose to remove your seats.

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