F30/F80 GTS OLED Style Tail Lights



BRAND NEW TO THE BMW F30 and F80 MARKET! We are the first to introduce the GTS Style LED BMW F30 and F80 tail light! These work for BOTH Pre LCI and LCI vehicles. These BEAUTIFUL tail light display and amazing and aggressive design that lets all driver behind you know that you're not to mess with! 

The GTS is a BMW heritage design and concept. We brought it to the F30 and F80 market. These plug and play tail lights are gorgeous and require no coding. The light up sequence are included. Bright white LED back up lights are also INCLUDED. Truly the first EVER plug and play GTS tail light. These are slightly "smoked" just like the M4 GTS tail lights, giving it an OEM + appearance.  Did we mention that they're BRIGHT!?

At a fraction of the OEM M4 GTS tail light cost ($8,500), we made it as affordable as possible.

V2 style is a different style fin with 4 blades on the inner tail light instead of 5. It also has a slight different start up sequence.

 Add the goldenwrench overlay for a cleaner look without the clear lens over the reverse lights.

Watch the amazing unlock/start lighting sequence video at the end! it's probably the most amazing thing you'll see all day. The same amazing sequence happens when you start the car.

These are direct plug and play. NO CODING required. Please have a professional shop install. For off road use only. If you want to remove the warm bulb check, you can code that though.

A minimal flickering will appear for the first few seconds of startup, this is the system's Bulb check in use and is harmless to the vehicle. Tail lights fit great. Like all aftermarket items, it may require a little finesse to seat at its best. It is not OEM.
Please inspect all tail lights right away to ensure there is no major damage from shipping.

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Warranty: All Mashimarho GTS style tail lights come with a 1 year manufacture defect warranty. Please contact us for details.

See installation in a video below with a similar guide.