G80 Style Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters



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*Updated with pre-lci compatibility* See details below.

Arguably the best paddle shifters money can buy. These are not only light weight, strong, and beautiful. But, they are extremely responsive. They click from almost any point of contact. Strong clicks on every shift. The rear red texture also allows for better grip.

These will fit the following vehicles:
BMW E82/E87/E88 LCI Paddles (shows + and -)
BMW E9X LCI (shows + and -)
BMW F Series all models
BMW G Series all models.
Toyota A90/A91 Supra
*BMW E8X/E9X PRE-LCI (includes full kit with replacement paddle shifter and harness- this is plug and play. Remove old paddle completely and replace with). PRE-LCI = push/pull paddles 2006-2010.

We recommend a professional shop to install.
Should take 20 minutes. 

Includes one pair left and right (+ -)
No wires included except for PRE-LCI.