BMW Kidney Grills



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Even though the E & F series platform is now over 10 years old, we can update it and give it a nice little facelift to bring it to 2020+ NOW AVAILABLE IN CARBON FIBER!

The M4 style grille features the double slots and will give it an aggressive appearance to appeal to the general public. It will just look newer. Plus, who doesn't want to have something special? 

Pre LCI E90/E91: 2006-2008 (4 pieces)
LCI E90/E91: 2009-2011 (single piece grille)
Pre LCI E92/E93: 2007-2010
LCI E92/E93: 2011-2013 (have different headlights)
E9X M3 (if you have an E9X M3)

Grill badges are not included.

Fitment: Superior 
Please note that I make sure they fit before they leave. If the tabs are a bit loose, apply heat with a lighter, heat gun, hair dryer, or anything to pull the tabs back up. Sometimes, they warp during shipment.

Installation difficulty: You can do yourself. 2/10.