BMW Roll Cage by Studio RSR

Studio RSR

Item is made to order

Roll cages are used in many occasions, including motorsport, and help strengthen the chassis. It is commonly used as safety equipment to prevent damage during rollovers. It will also help with tightening the body to help in sharper or agile turns. All cages will come with harness rings and bent rear legs unless requested for straight legs.

All cages are half cage and not full cage unless requested to be quoted for a full cage.

All cages are made of industry standard mild steel. Chromoly is available for an additional $300, please email for inquiries.
For custom colors, please contact us, and we can work with getting that set up! Roll cages are made by Studio RSR

3-5 weeks lead time


Please answer the following questions during checkout:
Sunroof yes or no?:


These cages are bolt on and can be 100% reversible (see photo of white cage). If installed properly, you will not be able to tell a roll cage has been installed. Great for lease vehicles.
There are 4 mounting points for installation and will require professional help. Should be installed within an hour.