BMW S65 M3 Rebuilt Throttle Actuators

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Rebuilt and remanufactured OE units. If in stock, it is READY TO GO!
Price is EACH. Core Charge is also added as $140 EACH. This $140 is returned after we receive each of your stock actuators back.

  • Unlimited Miles Lifetime Warranty
  • Gears upgraded to superior materials made in the USA that will outlive the car
  • All Mosfets replaced
  • Transistors and capacitors tested
  • Voltage regulator, microprocessor, serial Eprom tested or changed

The BMW S65 Engine is amazing. However, it's infamous for throttle body actuator failure. The throttle positions control the inflow of air in the engine, being directly related to the combustion. The "limp mode" is one of the main symptoms of a throttle body actuator failure. Check engine light at the panel, if it's on, it may there be a problem with your throttle position sensors.