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Nothing is finished without colored seat belts! 
Current available colors are: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black with M color patterns.
Custom colors, and other vehicles available upon request. Shoot an email!
LCI seat belts are limited in stock quantity, and may take additional time.

****05/31/2022 - We are out of stock on LCI belts & E93 belts.

Safety is important. So, bare in mind that these are OEM belts that have been refreshed with new webbing just for color.

Core exchange is available!
You are charged for the belt cores. By purchasing this item(s), you are purchasing the entire finished unit - ready to install.
You are able to reach out and send in your old seat belts for a refund (payment) for the belt. (highly recommended)
Cost returned for cores are as follows:

  • E9X Pre LCI Front $50
  • E9X Pre LCI Front AND Rear $90
  • E9X LCI Front $80
  • E9X LCI Front AND Rear $120
  • F3X Front $80
  • F3X Front AND Rear $120
  • F8X Front $80
  • F8X Front AND Rear $120

How to tell if you have an LCI belt or not?
LCI belts are only found in some 2010 models and all 2011+ models. LCI belts have a cord that needs to be disconnected. To tell if you have one or not, you can try to remove one of your front headrests. If your headrest does not come off or has a wire attached to it, you have an LCI belt.  PLEASE check to make sure you have an LCI belt or not, we will not be held responsible for ordering the wrong belt.

Installation is very simple and as always, should be done by professionals.
DIY info below:

Item is made to order and may have lead time of 20+ days.

Copy and paste DIY links in your browser: PLEASE UNPLUG BATTERY FOR LCI BELTS!

  • Remove E92 front seat belts:
  • Remove E92 rear seat belts:
  • Remove E90 front seat belts:
  • Remove E90 rear seat belts:

Mashimarho is not liable/responsible for any damage. Please purchase at your own risk. Made for off road use-only.