Mosselman Single Oil Cooler Kit for BMW E8X N54/N55 *On Backorder- ETA Mid September*



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The E-series N54 and N55 engines are no strangers to oil cooling problems, that's why we developed the MSL Oil Cooler Kits. The higher capacity oil cooler ensures that E-series models equipped with N54 and N55 engines stay cool, even during heated conditions. We strongly advise combining the cooler kit with the MSL Oil Thermostat. 

The MSL Oil Cooler Kits for the BMW 1-Series E8x and BMW 3-Series E9x are available as single or twin cooler kits. The single cooler kit replaces the OEM cooler on the right side of the car and comes with a Setrab 19-row oil cooler, a stainless MSL bracket, a Oil Adapter AN8, and a hose kit. The MSL Oil Thermostat has to be ordered separately.

Note: This item is NOT "plug and play". You will need to make some adjustments to the car to fit the bigger oil cooler and bracket. Installation time is approximately 3 hours

Attention 135i E82 N55 Owners, your application requires and will be send with the N54 MSL Thermostat (#030210050)!!!!


The next level of temperature control

  • The Single Cooler Kit comes with:
    - 1x Setrab 19-row oil cooler
    - 1x Pre Assembled Stainless steel bracket
    - 1x Oil adapter AN8 (available in red and grey)
    - 1x Hose kit
  • Essential For Tuners
    Keeps your engine cool and safe.
  • Optional: MSL Oil Thermostat
    We advise adding the MSL Oil Thermostat for optimal cooling results.


For Installation Instructions click here


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