CSF B58 / B48 High-Performance Heat Exchanger



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CSF is a leader in automotive cooling technology, with over a half-century of experience. Using that knowledge, they have developed this high-performance radiator that far surpasses the abilities of the stock unit. Starting with a two-row, triple-pass design for the coolest temperatures possible, this radiator features high-quality CNC-machined brackets and hardware. To finish it off, each radiator is hand polished to a mirror finish for that show-car shine. Best of all, it fits like the stock part, requiring no modifications for installation. If you're serious about performance, upgrade your radiator with this quality part from CSF.

Note: May require a tune to prevent check engine lights. This radiator does such a good job of keeping your BMW cool, that the ECU might think it's running too cool!

B58 High-Performance Heat Exchanger (CSF #8131/8131B)

***Product Update October 2019 Production*** CSF’s pursuit of cooling perfection continues with improvements to The Ultimate BMW B58 High Performance Heat Exchanger. As of October 2019, CSF has released a new and improved “Version 2.0” of the BMW B58 Heat Exchanger. Improvements include the following three (3) key updates:

  • Upgraded Inlet/Outlet Design with New Tapered Entry and Exit Points from End Tanks, Resulting in Optimized Water Flow and Increased Performance (Matches OEM Spec)*
  • After Extensive Wind-Tunnel, Dynamometer (Rolling-Road Test), and Field Testing, CSF Engineers Have Improved the Core Spec from Version 1’s 68mm 2-Row Core with 8mm Fin Height to Version 2’s Ultra-Efficient 42mm 2-Row Core, with CSF’s B-Tube Technology, and 6.5mm Multi-Louvered Fin Height*
    • Increase of 15% More Cooling Tubes Used in the Core vs. V1 Design for Better Surface Area Contact and Heat Dissipation
    • Results in Optimized Airflow Through the Heat Exchanger Core and Into Other Cooling System Components for Maximum Performance of the Entire Cooling System (Especially Critical if Installed in an X-Drive Model with Transmission Oil Cooler Placed in Front of Heat Exchanger)
    • CSF V2 Design: 2-Row 42mm Core vs. OEM Design: 1-Row 26mm Core. ~62% Increase in Core Fluid Capacity
  • Now Includes Hardware Mounting Kit* for Applications That Have a Factory Transmission Oil Cooler Mounted in Front of the Heat Exchanger (X-Drive Models) 

  • Core Size: 524mm Length X 478mm Height X 69mm Wide
  • 68mm 2-Row Core with CSF’s B-Tube Technology (World’s Largest 2-Row Core)
  • 6.5mm Multi-Louvered Fin Height
  • Triple-Pass Flow Design
  • Included Detachable Rock Guard
  • OEM CNC-Machined Mounting Location Pins and Brackets
  • Direct Plug-and-Play Design Including CNC-Machined “Quick Connect” Inlet/Outlet Water Fittings
  • No Modifications Needed to Install
  • For a More In-Depth Look Please Check Out the CSF B58 Heat Exchanger Press Release
  • OEM #: 17118741830


Supercedes OEM# 17118625430; 17118482625

Year Model Sub-Model Chassis Code Engine Code
15-18 120i 5 doors F20 B48
15-18 125i 5 doors F20 B48
15-18 M140i(X) 5 doors F20 B58
16-18 218i Coupe F22 B38
15-18 220i Coupe F22 B48
15-18 230i(X) Coupe F22 B48/B46
15-18 M240i(X) Coupe F22 B58
16-18 218i Convertible F23 B38
15-18 220i Convertible F23 B48
15-18 230i(X) Converitble F23 B48/B46
15-18 M240i(X) Converitble F23 B58
14-18 320i(X) Sedan F30 B48
14-18 330e Sedan F30 B48
14-18 330i(X) Sedan F30 B48
14-18 340i(X) Sedan F30 B48
14-18 320i(X) Touring F31 B48
14-18 330i(X) Touring F31 B48/B46
14-18 340i(X) Touring F31 B58
15-18 320i(X) Gran Tourismo F34 GT B48
15-18 330i(X) Gran Tourismo F34 GT B48/B46
15-18 340i(X) Gran Tourismo F34 GT B58
15-18 420i(X) Coupe F32 B48
15-18 430i(X) Coupe F32 B48/B46
15-18 440i(X) Coupe F32 B58
15-18 420i(X) Convertible F33 B48
15-18 430i(X) Convertible F33 B48/B46
15-18 440i(X) Convertible F33 B58
15-18 420i(X) Gran Coupe F36 Gran Coupe B48
15-18 430i(X) Gran Coupe F36 Gran Coupe B48/B46
15-18 440i(X) Gran Coupe F36 Gran Coupe B58