CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer Features (CSF #8200S)



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CSF is continually updating and adding new products In an effort to help customers achieve the highest level of competition in motorsports. CSF is pleased to release the latest B58 performance product. The CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer (CSF #8200S).

The CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer is the next level upgrade for the B58 Super Manifold (CSF #8200). Made from KIYLEX®, a patented revolutionary high-performance final stage polymer. KIYLEX® is as strong as aluminum and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°F. This spacer is designed to insulate the intake manifold from conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head. This thermal barrier reduces manifold temperatures which helps lower Intake Air Temperatures (IATs), improve charge air cooler efficiency, and combats heat soak. CSF is the exclusive distributor for the KIYLEX® Intake Manifold Spacer for the B58 Motor.


Competition Tested

Tested at the Race Motive Event at Pocono Raceway (⅓ Mile Roll-Racing) in the B58/S58 Motor Class (July 9th 2022). One of the most respected B58 Tuners in the world, who has also been a development partner with CSF for the Gen-2 B58 Super Manifold, Visconti Tuning performed the testing with @peppa_aka_skull’s A90 Supra with @mrnohesi’s G20 M340i for direct comparison. Both cars are running the same setup and tune pushing ~900whp and 40 PSI of boost pressure.