DKM Stage 3 Twin Disc Clutch Kit single mass flywheel N54

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Working in collaboration with Competition Clutch, the up and coming German automotive performance company DKM has released a new line of high quality clutches made to satisfy your stock and modified performance needs! If you're having problems keeping power to the wheels, DKM has the solution. Their design, using high-grade materials, gives you increased strength and heat tolerance preventing wear and fade, ensuring increased torque capacity, quicker shifts, and a longer clutch life.
We ask that you verify which bolt flange your vehicle has before order. It has been confirmed some vehicles will have been replaced with the "other" bolt option even if the vehicle came with the original option from factory.

For vehicles with a production date up to 01/2009 with a 8 bolt flange

For vehicles with a production date from 02/2009-2010 with 6 bolt flange

Tracking your vehicle is all fun and games until your start burning through clutches as fast as you can afford to replace them. To end this cycle, the MS Twin Disc Clutch Kit is designed to hold up to 100 to 200% more torque capacity and provide you with a much improved clutch life span. The two organic disc setup provides additional contact surface areas to more evenly distribute pressure and heat for both a boost in performance and wear prevention.

  • Kit Contents:
  • Pressure Plate
  • Two Organic Discs
  • Steel Single Mass Flywheel
  • Pilot Bearing/Bushing and Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)
  • Alignment Tool

**Due to the nature of lightened single mass flywheels added "NVH" or "chatter" will or may occur during operation. Accompanying modifications can also increase or decrease the amount of "NVH" or "chatter" in the drivetrain. Please contact our sales team with any questions.**