DME Unlock & FEMTO Cloning 2020+ BMW & Supra



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Vader Solutions

Unlocking and or Cloning is possible for the new generation of BMW's and Supra. It requires a FEMTO unlock.

-We provide shipping label

-Femto is then received your DME

-Femto does his magic

-Ships directly back to you ready to use

-For V8s, we will need BOTH DMEs.

-If cloning then you will receive 2 DME's back (your original DME which will remain virgin and the other is the cloned DME which is ready for any tuning platform)

 -Please note that the time frame for ECU unlocks is 8 weeks+.

Please ensure to provide and confirm information for your vehicle prior to shipment (please note the entry fields for these may take slightly longer to load):