DO88 Bigpack Porsche 911 Turbo (991.1) 2013-15



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This kit comes in at a package price and includes our motorsport grade intercooler and high flow y-pipe with all hoses and accessories for installation. To even further enable a better breathing engine, our norm-setting inlet ducts can be purchased alongside these products. Kit includes intercoolers, shroud, and all chargepipes. 

The intercooler kit MERA and the y-pipe are great products on their own. Used together they generate a great inlet temperature reduction, less backpressure throughout the whole system and thereby allowing more power.


  • Colder inlet air temperature in the same conditions.
  • More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow!
  • Top-quality, high-density motorsport-grade, Bar&Plate cores from Garrett.
  • 3D freeform designed cast end tanks.
  • Custom designed carbon fiber ambient air guides.
  • Y-pipe made of 2,5" (63mm) mandrel bent aluminum pipes.
  • Y-pipe made from a cast, smooth flowing collector part.
  • Y-pipe has two methanol injection connections (1/8 -27 NPT). The pipe is delivered with blanking plugs in these connections.
  • Comes with high quality silicone hoses and accessories for installation.