DO88 BMW F8X M3 M4 Side Mounted Intercooler Radiator



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The S55 turbo engine that powers the BMW M3 / M4 F8X uses a Top mounted water-cooled intercooler instead of an “regular” air-cooled intercooler. The coolant in this system has its own separate cooling circuit combined of two parallel connected radiators and a pump. The larger one of these two parallel connected radiators is positioned in the front of the center cooling module, the second smaller one is located in front of the right-side wheel arch.

DO88s design extends both the core height and thickness by 28mm, all this totals into a frontal area increase of 18% and core volume of a massive 100%. To make it possible to install this massive radiator we designed a beautiful carbon fiber air ducting that is manufactured from prepeg material in autoclave process. Our radiator has a drop-in installation with the OEM cooling lines.


  • Greater core volume: 3393cm3 (1693cm3), 100% larger!
  • Greater frontal surface area: 499cm2 (423cm2), 18% larger!
  • Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 34°C (39°C), 5°C lower!
  • High efficient core with 8mm fin height of multi-louvered design.
  • Multi channel core tubes