DO88 Porsche 911 Carrera (992) Intercooler Kit



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No rock has been left unturned in our quest for maximum performance in any given section of the system. The starting point is the cores from renowned Garrett Motorsport, these are incredibly well-made with thin and stacked fins, exactly according to our specification in the weighing of cooling and airflow. The end tanks are made from thin, cast aluminum to keep the weight down and still utilize airflow. To accommodate the thicker core, we replace the air guides with carbon ducts made from the best quality! And to remove bottlenecks throughout the system, the intercooler connections are made bigger and come along with do88 silicone hoses designed with soft, sweeping bends. We have not made any sacrifice or compromise during this development – behold the results!


  • Fits all Porsche 2019+ 911 (992) Carrera models.
  • Colder inlet air temperature in the same conditions:
  • More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow!
  • High-density, motorsport-grade Bar&Plate cores from Garrett.
  • 3D, freeform-designed cast end tanks.
  • Custom designed carbon fiber ambient air guides.
  • Comes with high quality silicone hoses and accessories for installation.
  • Meth bungs on the intercooler outlet tank (2x 1/8 NPT).