Frameless License Plate Mounts for BMW (M4x16)

Frameless Mounts


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Magnetic license plate mounts for your front and/or rear license plate. Easily a must have for all car enthusiasts. 

Quickly remove or cover your license plate in seconds for car shows or photoshoots!

Easiest and quickest way to remove and cover your license plate!

There are two ways to use this. One is to easily remove your license plate. Great for quick car washes or fast removal.
The second is to use a cover over the rear. A club, euro, vanity plate to go over the existing plate. Great for photo shoots or other reasons.

Most common to just use as the primary as shown in photos.
Video below shows the second way, which is to add a plate cover.


Comes with a set of:

  • Two magnetic screws (M4x16 thread)
  • Two magnetic plate mounts
  • One spacer (paint safe, keeps the license plate more sturdy)


screw size: 4mm x 0.7mm x 16mm


Install Video: