Goldenwrench A90 Supra BLACKLINE Brake Caliper Decal

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Our first in house product created for the new 2020+ Toyota GR Supra (A90).  Since the announcement of this vehicle in January of 2019 we found it rather odd that this vehicle came from factory with blank brake calipers with no logos or branding to be found on the outer caliper faces as seen on most traditional performance vehicles on the market today. We took it upon ourselves to remedy this issue by putting together a Brake Caliper Decal Set for this vehicle. Taking inspiration from the previous generation Mark 4 Toyota Supra Turbo brake caliper we refreshed the graphic incorporating the new Mark 5 Toyota Supra logo to give the factory brake calipers the look they deserve since rolling off assembly line while delivering it’s intended performance.  Our BLACKLINE Performance Brake Caliper Decal Set will fit most trim 2020+ Toyota GR Supra model cars of all trims giving your vehicle that stylish performance it deserves. The decal set comes in your choice of a black or a white decal graphic to best fit your styling needs. Please select your color choice before adding this item to your cart.  If you do not choose a color BLACK will be selected for you by default.  Please note that the product images shown here may not reflect the actual color of the brake calipers on your vehicle as the brake caliper color choices may vary depending on the trim of your vehicle and is only intended as a visual reference.    

Our BLACKLINE Performance Brake Caliper Decal Set Overlays are made from an industrial grade high temperature pliable outdoor vinyl, 1mm thicker than most generic vinyl seen online today, and is computer cut to shape for accuracy/precision. The vinyl is easy to install and designed to be extremely pliable and forgiving during installation when used with the Applicator Tool included in this set. Our Brake Caliper Decal Set Overlays come with a translucent top application layer for easy alignment, and bottom adhesive protectant layer for you to get the best available home application results. Each Brake Caliper Decal Set comes with the Brake Caliper Decal Overlay in the color of your choosing (Black or White), Installation Instructions Card, and Applicator Tool.  Our Overlay Kits/Products are designed with precision and built to last, 100% Made in the USA.