MAD BMW G8x M2 M3 M4 Air Intake (Front Facing)



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The MAD S58 Front Mount Intake is a high-performance 3.5'' air intake system designed to improve the airflow and power output of your BMW S58 engine. With a durable construction and advanced filtration technology, this intake system provides your vehicle with the increased airflow it needs to maximize performance.

The MAD S58 Front Mount Intake is engineered with a direct-fit design that requires minimal cutting of plastic behind the grills for a fairly easy installation process. The intake features a washable and re-usable high-flow air filter that delives a clean and efficient air flow to the engine.

The intake's tubing is crafted from premium-grade aluminum that is both lightweight and durable. The tubing is mandrel-bent to provide a smooth and unrestricted airflow path for maximum performance gains.

The MAD S58 Front Mount Intake is designed with a sleek and sporty appearance that complements the engine bay of your BMW. With its black powder-coated finish and distinctive MAD logo, this intake system adds a touch of style to your vehicle's engine compartment.

Overall, the MAD S58 Front Mount Intake is a high-quality, high-performance air intake system that delivers improved airflow and power output for your BMW S58 engine. It's a must-have upgrade for any BMW enthusiast looking to take their vehicle's performance to the next level.


Huge sound improvement
Easy Install with minor cutting
Improves Throttle Response
Washable and reusable inverted cone filters
Up to 15HP increase
Powder coated black finish
Lifetime warranty on defects and fitment
90 day return period
Spot on fitment


BMW M2 & M3/M4 (G Chassis)