MHD Wireless OBDII Wifi Flash Adapter


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Load flash maps to your BMW wirelessly! 

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Easily one of our hottest selling items.. The new MHD Wireless OBDII WiFi Flash Adapter allows you to reliably load flash maps to your BMW including JB4 back end flash maps faster and easier than ever before. Just pair with your Android phone and plug it in to the OBDII port when you want to flash or use any MHD features. The orange adapter is compatible with E chassis BMW vehicles while the black adapter is compatible with F and G chassis BMW vehicles. Use this for your Super License and get the flasher and tune all in one.


Remarkable features of MHD UNIVERSAL 

Sleep Mode – once the adapter detects that car is off, it will enter sleep mode, which prevents the battery from discharging.

Our tests indicate that it can be left plugged in for months. However, always keep an eye on your battery’s health.


ENET Speed – unlike any other adapter on the market, MHD Universal has multiple units inside one body. ENET cars (F and G series) will utilize a super-fast protocol, while a traditional CAN will be used on others. Adapter autodetects which one should be used.


Debug Log – all supported application suppliers are given technical documentation on how to use debug mode and what benefits are coming out of doing so. In basic words – MHD Universal adapter allows better understanding and integration with various cars, ending up with a better service to the customer.


xHP Special mode – G car owners will benefit from MHD Universal adapter as it’s the only adapter that allows a smooth unlock process, along with the very fast flashing speeds.

This does not include the license. Please purchase your license Separately. You can find it as the Super License on our store.,


MHD Flash Tune for BMW N54 N55 S55 N20

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with MHD Flashing Platform
• Load both JB4 based flash maps and flash only maps
• Faster flash times compared to wired OBDII cable
• Uses Wifi for a reliable connection

Flash Maps & Info

MHD F chassis JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

MHD E chassis JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

MHD B58 JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:

MHD M3/M4 S55 JB4 back end flash maps are posted here:


By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you are using this product to  upload tunes for off road/competition use only. Mashimarho is not responsible for misuse or errors caused during/after installation of this product.