Mosselman Mosselman UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER SET BMW S58/STAGE 2/MSL75-95 750-950hp

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*Mosselman Turbocharger set is special ordered. Please allow time for the product to be prepared and fulfilled. 


      • Performance up to 950 hp*
      • Based on a NEW MHI Turbocharger
      • Flow optimized custom intakes
      • Plug and Play installation
      • Extremely low core charge

*Depending on modifications and fuel type.

  • Manufactured In-House
    Each Mosselman Turbo upgrade is carefully designed and manufactured at the
    Mosselman Turbo Systems facility in the Netherlands.
  • Low-Lag, High-Boost
    MSL Turbochargers feature fast spool-up combined with high flow-rates to guarantee
    a low amount of lag and a wide powerband.
  • Plug and Play Installation
    Our turbos are designed for plug-and-play installation. Any automotive mechanic should
    be able to replace a stock turbo with one of our high-end units.
  • Core Charge included
    You keep your OEM Turbos. No downtime or worry about getting your money back.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM: est. 7-9 Day delivery window, subject to availability.

Special Note:
For those running the Mosselman S58 MSL75-95 Turbochargers, please tell your calibrator to not go over 2.5bar / 36psi. Going above these pressures the turbochargers will probably be damaged beyond repair. To put this in perspective, higher pressures are only useful on a build motor, running on exotic fuels like E85 where a power level beyond 950Hp is desired.

We are implementing an extreme version soon for those who need more boost pressure on this platform. So to be clear this only applies to you if you run your car on E85 or similar, above 2.5bar/36psi, and basically chase over 950Hp.

Turbos have to be sent to our Headquarters in the Netherlands and need to arrive in perfect condition (So in good condition and packed really well in heavy-duty foam or similar). We take care of shipping the package back to your address.


Mosselman Turbo Systems is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality performance parts designed specifically for use in BMW and Mini cars. If you own a BMW or a Mini, you can bet your bottom dollar we have the parts you need to make it go faster. Whether it’s intercoolers, turbochargers, downpipes, engine management systems or even full exhausts systems, Mosselman Turbo Systems has a wide selection of carefully made performance parts for your car. 

Furthermore, Mosselman Turbo Systems has been in the tuning business for over 40 years and the vast majority of our products has been designed, tested and manufactured in-house. These are our products and we stand by them.