Black Headliner/Carpet Dye



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This dye is finally available for purchase. This dye is designed to turn your carpets, floor mats, headliner and other fabrics to black. Many times people complain their colors being beige or an off-tan color. This is an easy solution. 32 oz will cover one headliner or one full carpet. Order twice as much if you plan on doing both.

You WILL get an OEM finish. please prep it will beforehand.


I've partnered with AutoleatherDye (experts in the leather dyeing industry) to bring this product to our market. Mashimarho is an exclusive retailer for this bundle, at this unbeatable price! Items are shipped FAST.

WEAR GLOVES. Please prep the surface prior to.. Clean it WELL. Anything you spray over WILL get trapped under (ie dust, dirt, etc). Wait until fully dry.
Use the included spray bottle (or any mist style spray bottle like Windex) and spray the fabric surface lightly. You should be able to get good coverage. It should take about 2 coats to get it right. Give a short 5-10 minutes before the next coat(s). Cure over night when done if possible. If spraying headliner, you do not need to remove it, just be careful not to get it on anything else.



Q: Will the dye stain my clothes?
A: With proper installation and dry time, absolutely not!! Please follow the instructions. 


Q: How long does it last?
A: Quite long. Just as long as OEM fabric. 

Q: How long does this process take?
A: The process is very fast! You spray one full application (45 - 60 minutes). And let it cure over night.


Q: How much material do I need?
A: I would suggest 32 oz for headliner, carpet, and floor mats. If you want to do more than one application (such as headliner AND carpet, order twice as much (64 oz).


Please note
: Mashimarho will not be held responsible/liable for any damages, misuse, or errors during dye installation. Please unplug your battery if you choose to remove your seats.

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