Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers

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Öhlins Road & Track suspension systems are engineered to provide the ideal balance of track capability and street comfort utilizing 40+ years of experience in the motorsport and OE industries to produce a package incorporating patented technology with OE levels of quality and longevity. They apply their tuning philosophy to each particular application to extract the most performance while maintaining ride quality.  

 One way Öhlins achieves this balance is their patented Dual Flow Valve. The DFV provides an additional oil bypass when bumps get severe. Engineers can tune the damper for increased support when turning and braking while maintaining composure over track curbing and rough pavement. This technology allows the use of linear spring rates (just like a motorsport application) for further chassis support without affecting daily comfort.  

Another feature is the damping adjustability via a single “clicker” knob that proportionally increases compression and rebound damping to best suit the driver’s needs. Whether it’s a smooth track or a weekly commute, the dampers can be adjusted within their usable range to best suit track or street conditions. In other words, an engineering degree isn’t necessary each time an adjustment is necessary.

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