RK Titanium A90 Supra Street Edition Dual Exit Exhaust (valved)

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Due to the popularity of the a90 exhaust for all variations, extended lead times could apply. Lead times could be in excess of 10 weeks. Please email us prior to placing an order. No order cancellations 1 week after placement will be granted.


A90/A91 Supra Dual Exit Street Exhaust System 

The long awaited dual exit STREET EXHAUST system from RK Titanium is here! 

How could we improve on our single exit and create a dual exit with a valve?
But not just any dual. A dual that represents our creativity, industry standard lightest on the market and with a sound and look everyone has come to expect from us?

We pulled some tricks out of our sleeves of course

Say hello to our STREET EDITION dual exit exhaust system. 

Utilizing our very own designed direct-drive valve housing instead of the commonly seen spring retained rattle trap valves on a lot of the systems made over seas. No remotes or secondary boxes are needed! Plug in your oem valve motors and let the cars ecu do its thing!

Say hello to the new symphony that is the modern 2jz

And all of this at 28lbs!


So, how does it work?

It’s simple!

Maintaining our 3.5” system with a dual 3.5” set of mids feeds the rear stacked RK resonators.


We did a dual 3.5”!!

The single Valve opens up to a straight-piped 3.5” off one side that unleashes all the right noises and flow. When it’s closed, both feed pipes are routed through the Signature stacked mufflers with a significant db drop while maintaining that clean, RK tone.

What else did we add?

Sometimes it’s the little details!

A simple reminder that this system is 100% made in USA 🇺🇸 in our Tacoma, WA facility is laser engraved to a plate.

We went one step further.  We personalize each system for you, the customer. A serialized number plate as well as the customers name is laser engraved to each unit.

But wait, we didn’t stop there!

YES, you can now specify colors!

We are offering some of our coloring options to the rear section to fully customize your RK Street Edition

We’ve made it easy to select the finish on your dual 4.5” Tips from the drop down boxes.

We’ve made it easy to select which finish you want your rear muffler section. All offered options are on the drop down boxes.

Unfortunately we cannot do all of our standard finishes due to the size of the rear section.

*These are the only options we are offering for finishes*


For these added personalization and customization options we have added, there will be zero order cancellations allowed after 1 week of order placed. Each system is customized for each customer. We will not grant any cancellations or returns on these systems. A order acceptance document will be required to be signed after each unit is ordered.  


The Details

  • 3.5” dual system
  • CP grade titanium tig welded by hand and back purged
  • 100% made in USA 🇺🇸 by us
  • Complete at 28lbs
  • Utilizing twin RK Signature mufflers
  • Dual 4.5” Tips
  • Signature RK finish with laser etched tips
  • Clears oem center bracing
  • Single RK valve housing for plug and play oem valve motor
  • No trimming or cutting of rear bumper for fitment 
  • Ability to customize the finish of the tips
  • Ability to customize the finish of the rear section 
  • Each unit is hand made per customer with laser etched individual name badge

*Individual name badge will be engraved with first letter and last name of the ship to address. If a specific name is to be used, you MUST comment at checkout or email us directly after

*USA 50 state only shipping, we will not be shipping international due to size. No exceptions. You may be able to find a 3rd party to handle logistics 

*Limited quantities will be available to order at a time. Please email us for current lead times as they will vary.