RK Titanium BMW F90 Front Mount Intakes

RK Titanium


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Introducing the Front Mount Intake system for the 2018+ F90 M5! Open up the air inlets on your M5/M6 with these dual cone, high flowing RK spec air filters conveniently mounted front and center for that crisp, fresh air! The same R&D we put into the F8X and F10 front mounts, went into the F90 development! Smooth bends, largest diameter 3.5” piping that will clear the core support, and the best filters available. These not only effectively do their job in the toughest conditions but also let your turbos scream!

Everything you have come to expect from an RK Titanium product is here:

Pie cuts! 
Crazy color options! 
Smooth welds and aesthetics! 
High quality CP grade Titanium materials! 
Smooth Flow and Designs!

This kit is made with premium CP grade titanium tubing and is fully tig-welded and back-purged for a clean inside weld.


Full 3.5” tubing throughout the whole system. No neck-downs or restrictions.

Designed and developed to fit and clear the OEM engine bay setup and work beautifully with CSF products.

Available only with blue intake filters as of now.

Many custom coloring finishes available - see our coloring page!

Expected to fit 2018 - Current M5 vehicles.


All kits are built to order; lead times apply.