RK Titanium GR Supra Multi Point Strut Brace

RK Titanium


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Introducing the Multi Point Strut Brace to the GR Supra lineup!

This multi point strut brace not only looks great, but is fully functional for stiffening the front end of the car. The brace mounts directly to the front crash beam and strut towers, making installation a breeze.
Featuring signature RK Titanium coloring, CP1 grade titanium, and precision fitment, this brace is sure to satisfy your performance and aesthetic needs!

Available in multiple variants to satisfy almost all customers. 

*Please read the below notes in regards to fitment.*

Optional versions:

1: Side braces only

2: Front ladder brace (sides and front)

3: Rear over engine brace

4: All connections 


*2020 Model year cars must tap the shock tower to mount the brace

*Custom coloring of this brace will be limited to standard gradient finish, raw, polished or solid colors only. None of the premium finishes will be offered

*These may not fit aftermarket hoods with aggressive venting.  These were designed around the OEM hood only 

*Due to the box size for the 4 point ladder brace, shipping may be more then you anticipated, we do not create the rates!

*All braces are made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for production based on variant ordered.

*Shipping to USA States only for the 4 point ladder brace due to the size

*Over engine brace (version 3) may touch aftermarket engine covers if they are taller then OEM cover. Adding a washer under the brace mounting may add clearance required

*Side braces may not clear aggressive top mount turbo kits 

*Side braces will only clear aftermarket intakes with slotting for OEM 21' + strut bars