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Signature Werks BBK Overview:
(we recommend everyone reading the tech guide link at the bottom of the page; it's so amazing to see the detailed vetting process).

Upgrade your BMW F8X M3/M4 brakes with Signature Werks Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Retrofit Big Brake Kit, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE calipers are made by Brembo with 6 POT in the front and 4 POT in the rear. This kit can use the factory BMW F8x M3/M4 stock rotors or upgrade with Signature Werks High Carbon two-piece floating rotors for an extra cost, both options are a direct bolt-on solution for the F8X M3/M4.

What's Included in this kit. Choose between Front kit or full kit.

- (2-4) New CNC machined front Genuine Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE calipers

- (2-4) Signature Werks 7075 aluminum CAD-designed anodized bracket adapters and hardware

- (2-4) Signature Werks Carbon Ceramic brake pads (standard - Can upgrade for extra charge).

- (2-4) Goodridge G-Stop Stainless Steel brake lines.

- (2-4) Signature Werks High Carbon front two-piece floating rotors. Can upgrade to Paragon Rotors (Both optional)


Option One: Utilizes Factory BMW E9X M3 rotors (your own)

Option Two: Utilizes Factory BMW F8X M3/M4 Rotors (your own)

Option Three: Signature Werks High Carbon 380x34mm two-piece floating rotors. (Optional)

Option Four: Paragon Rotors


We have CNC machined the calipers to make them radial-mounted to fit with Signature Werks bracket adapters, all the calipers are made in Italy from Brembo™. The calipers are new in the box from GM.

Parts Number:

25912967 (Front Driver Side)

25912477 (Front Passenger Side)

89047743 (Rear Driver Side)

89047742 (Rear Passenger Side)

Bracket Adapters:

We provide Signature Werks CAD-designed anodized bracket adapters made of aero-grade 7075 aluminum with the kit.

Brake Pads:

Signature Werks Carbon Ceramic Pads (Designed for light and agile sport driving.) Highest quality and performance for the price with low brake dust.

Aftermarket Brake Pads Options:

Ferodo Racing DS2500 (contact us if you'd like these)

Endless™ MX72 (contact us if you'd like these)

Brake Lines:

We provide four Goodridge G-Stop Stainless Steel brake lines with the kit.

Calipers Color and Logo:

We provide Classic Red and Classic Yellow as a standard colors, contact us for special color orders. 

Vehicle Fitment:

Model: 2014-2020 BMW F80/F82/F83/F87  M2/M3/M4

Wheels Fitment:

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Big Brake Kit requires a minimum of 18 inches wheel. Choose your favorite and popular wheel options. Fits BBS, TE37, Apex, HRE, Forgestar, and many other brands.


Signature Werks offers two years warranty on our Big Brake Kit including brake calipers, brake rotors, and bracket adapters. Customers must provide an order number, copy of Invoice, and copy of brake report from a Certified Licensed shop. 

Brake Calipers:

2 years warranty major against to major defects happening to the calipers including leak, materials, and workmanship, paint not included. We offer free caliper replacement with chosen colors and logos. The customer is responsible to ship back the defective caliper. 

Brake Rotors:

2 years warranty against to major defects happening to the brake rotors including warping, cracking, or any proven damage that prevents spirit driving within 2 years of the item purchase date, we offer one-time free rotor replacement, rotors must be within the minimum thickness. This warranty applies to any track day abuse or spirit driving. The customer is responsible to ship back the old rotors.

Brake Adapter Bracket:

2 years warranty against to any defects happening to the brake adapter bracket including materials, and workmanship. The customer is responsible to ship back the old brake adapter bracket.

Brake Pads:

90 days Warranty against to materials and workmanship defects happening to the brake pads when new. We are not responsible for any noise, or normal wear and tear, this warranty is limited to the exchange of the product only.

Brake Lines:

90 days Warranty against to materials and workmanship defects happening to the brake lines when new. We are not responsible for any normal wear and tear, this warranty is limited to the exchange of the product only.


Please cut your dust shield during installation. You can easily trim it around the caliper.

Lead Time:

Production time is about 30-45 days and we offer shipping and local pick-up in Lynnwood, WA OR Los Angeles, California.

Images are for representational purposes only. The actual product may vary.


For some useful Tech Guide and detailed information please vist:


Why would I purchase this kit over other big name kits or retrofit kits?
While there are many reasons, the biggest ones are:
1. Cost. Save BIG on high performing quality parts that provide the same stopping power. You can also save on utilizing stock rotors for M3.
2. A warranty you can trust and push to the limit. True to the root, we dedicate these for real track enthusiasts and allow them to push the limits while supporting their passion.
3. Quality. A real kit that is allowing every component to surpass expectations.

Can I really exchange my used rotor under waranty if it gets worn down?
YES! You read that right. Under your warranty period, we allow you to send in your used rotors to swap out for a new set. Just inquire with Signature Werks and send them in! Customer support at it's very best.

Are these real Brembo calipers?
100%! Genuine Brembo stamped parts sourced directly from General Motors right off their assmemly line for the Camaro ZL1. 

Is it true if my car has the electronic parking rear brake you can adapt to it?
You got it! We provide a full kit to even work with the electronic parking brake.