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Looking to get the most efficient turbocharger operation out of your N54-powered BMW? The best way to do this is to remove all restrictions from the inlet and charge the tract. The factory charge pipe has a very small 1″ opening and a poorly designed Y section that couples the two banks into one before entering the intercooler. This VTT N54 Aluminum outlet gets rid of those restrictions and provides a full 1.5″ from the turbochargers to a smooth Y transition into a 2.5″ outlet to fit most aftermarket intercoolers. Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell you oversized 2″ charge pipes, these are not going to pick up any power, and will kill velocity. The smallest diameter you can run while still providing adequate flow is always best for flow velocity and reducing time to TQ.

This outlet is powder-coated black for a durable finish and fits all N54 powered BMW’s including 335,535,135, Z4,1M, X5, X6, RHD

The outlet is available in V-band connection for Stock, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2+, any aftermarket turbo that uses the stock connection (RB, Pure, TTE, ETC.  It is also available in Hose barb connection for our GC, GC Lite line up., as well as with 1.5″-2″ silicone adapters to fit MMP turbos.


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Provide the ultimate efficient flow path for your N54. Order the VTT Aluminum Outlet, AND N54 silicone inlets at a special bundle price when ordered together! Please specify which size, and style inlets you want in your order notes!

Note: The outlet is terminated with a 2.5″ bead rolled connection, simply use your existing intercooler inlet hose to fit the new outlet