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VTT Billet B58 Gen PCV Cap replacement. Get rid of your fragile Stock PCV Cap/Diaphragm


The stock diaphragm on the gen 1 B58 Valve cover is fragile and can crack or tear over time. This will lead to loss of crankcase vacuum and smoking. The VTT PCV cap replaces the factory plastic cap with a billet aluminum piece that uses a Billet Banjo fitting, and our Vaccum/Boost adapter to move vacuum directly from the head ports to the manifold. Thus getting rid of the fragile system and replacing it with a robust solution. This cap will also allow you to run a catch can on the low side if desired.

There are other systems on the market that make no sense from a mechanical standpoint. They remove the vacuum from the crankcase and combine both high and low sides. This just shows ignorance of the system and will cause more problems than it solves.

We suggest using this kit in conjunction with our High Side Catch can kit, and our crankcase breather

Kit includes

  • One Billet PCV Cap
  • One Billet Banjo Fitting
  • One Vaccum/Boost adapter
  • One line with built-in check valve

Install is simple, remove your factory cap by prying it off, remove the diaphragm, place the VTT billet cap in its place, tap it down to seat the lip. Remove the vacuum hose, place the vacuum/boost adapter in line with it, attach the supplied hose, tighten the fittings.