VTT Billet BMW Power Steering Reservoir

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VTT Billet BMW Power Steering Reservoir

We have heard all the stories about fluid all over the engine bay, seen the headbands, socks, sweatbands, and all the fixes people have used and still have issues with their PS reservoir. So we decided to do something about it, and started with a ground-up design that completely fixed all those issues, and added some much-needed features to an old BMW design.

Kit Includes:

1 PS Reservoir in choice of color
2 or 4 fittings
2 Hose clamps
Optional One-Way Breather


Here are the features!

Full Billet 6061-T6 Construction with Viton O-Ring Seals, and ORB fittings throughout
Extra Fluid capacity to allow expansion (we suggest filling to where fluid is about 1/4 of the way into the main chamber)
The upper chamber is fully baffled to keep the fluid foaming and splash to a minimum
Fully serviceable stainless steel filter to keep your fluid clean, and also help reduce splashing
Rare earth magnet to grab ferrous metal, and trap it inside the filter area until you can clean it
Two Fitting styles, Stock Barb or AN fittings to fit anything from a stock replacement to a full race car
Fulled threaded, O-Ring sealed cap to stop weeping, includes a vent hole
Fully compatible with our VTT ONE-WAY breather to not only increase capacity but give your PS reservoir the ultimate in breathability, the 1″ ball will vent any pressure that may build up in the system, even on the hottest of track days
Anodized in 5 colors for amazing good looks
Fits just about any Later model BMW that came with Hydraulic PS
Full Fitment list – This includes basically every engine made for the following platforms including N54, S65, Early N55, etc:

1′ E81
1′ E87
1′ E87 LCI
1′ E88
1′ E82
3′ E90
3′ E90 LCI
3′ E91
3′ E91 LCI
3′ E92
3′ E92 LCI
3′ E93
3′ E93 LCI
X1 E84
X3 E83 LCI