VTT BMW/Toyota M14x1.25 to M14x1.50 Wheel Stud Conversion Kits

Vargas Turbo Technologies


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Looking to convert your Supra or F8X/GX Series BMW to wheel studs. Want to get rid of the difficult to find M14x1.25 ultra-fine thread and convert it to M14x1.15? We got covered with our VTT wheel stud conversion kits. These kits are forged cold rolled steel in 10.9 class, with corrosion-resistant zinc coating for years of use, and convert your M14x1.25 vehicle to M14x1.50 wheel studs.

We offer these in one length These are 75″ total length, with 53″ shank length. This kit is Black with Black Lugnuts, and we offer it in 10 or 20 pieces if you want to only do the front/rear or both.

Included in every kit:

  • 10 or 20 M14x1.25 to M14x1.50 CONVERSION Wheel studs in Black
  • 10 or 20 M14x.1..5 19mm Black opened ended lug nuts

Note: Apply Medium duty lock-tite to the studs (short thread end) and torque to 25 ft/lb. Lug nuts should be torqued to OEM specifications. For your safety retorque all hardware (studs and nuts) after 25-50 Miles