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VTT is proud to offer ignition coil replacements for the N5X platforms, as well as B5X, and many VAG platforms.

VTT started their quest for coils by contacting multiple coil manufacturing companies, paying for individual coils to be made then putting them through rigorous testing in the USA to ensure they matched or exceeded factory output. Once satisfied with the testing, they had the best performing coils made to our colors and specs.

VTT offers these coils as complete sets for the N54, B58/S58, and the VAG platforms in either 4, or 5 cylinders. Also offered are upgraded plugs which are highly recommended to change when doing coil replacements

These coils come in 3 colors, Red, Black, and Blue, and are not simply an aesthetic upgrade but match or exceed the factory secondary spark energy. The VAG coil, is extremely potent, and the tester was so impressed with it compared to the factory coil, he called it a “BEAST” of a coil

Note:  To extract maximum performance from VTT coils minor tune changes are required to optimize dwell periods. See recommended Dwell times below