VTT N54/55 BMW Single Piece Silicone Charge Pipe

Vargas Turbo Technologies


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VTT is proud to offer the very best charge pipe solution for the BMW E Series N54/55 platforms. This system completely does away with the restrictive, and muli-connection stock charge pipe system, and replaces it with a single 6-ply, Heat Resistant, Wire reinforced silicone charge pipe rated at over 200 psi.

They are molded for the perfect fit in your engine bay, while not sacrificing anything in the way of flow or size. They also completely isolate your charge air from any additional heat soak coming in from the engine or ambient heat.  Another huge benefit is only TWO which are barbed and has many small ridges which dig into the silicone so it’s impossible for the pipe to blow off.

The N54 pipe has the option to add either a Turbosmart BOV, or HKS BOV flange, and BOV.

This is the EASIEST N54/55 charge pipe on the market to install hands down. Install takes about half an hour even if you are inexperienced with working on your own car, can take as little as 15-20 minutes if you have had it apart a few times.

Dimensions for the pipes are as follows:

Hot Side Pipe: 64mm or 2.50″ on the connection to the turbo outlet opening up immediately to 77mm or 3″ and remaining a FULL 3″ to the throttle body inlet.

The kit includes:

  • VTT Hot Side Silicone Charge pipe
  • 2 VTT Branded CNC adapters to mount the map sensor, and a methanol bung
  • 1 VTT Branded CNC adapters for the TB inlet
  • 2 VTT branded T-Bolt Clamps
  • 1 1/8 NPT port is included in the charge pipe for methanol


• E Series N54 vehicles ALL

•E Series N55 vehicles ALL


*Please note these will fit all center mount aftermarket manifolds VTT has tasted