Mashimarho, Official BBS Wheels Distributor for Washington State

We're thrilled to announce a new chapter at Mashimarho as we become the official distributor of BBS Wheels for Washington State. BBS, a name steeped in automotive history, stands as a symbol of precision engineering, a rich motorsports legacy, and a design philosophy that commands attention, especially within the BMW community. Our partnership with BBS is a celebration of shared values and something we are extremely excited to have gained.

The High Qualities of BBS Wheels


BBS wheels are celebrated for their classic style, strength, lightweight performance, and exceptional design. These wheels embody precision craftsmanship and offer a seamless blend of performance and aesthetics. It's a narrative of precision that extends beyond racing, creating an experience that's about owning the road, one mile at a time.

BBS, known for its iconic 2-piece wheels, offers a canvas for personalization without compromising ​​strength or durability. With a diverse range of sleek designs and a varied palette of finishes, BBS empowers you to turn your BMW into a masterpiece that is sure to catch the attention of others on the road. Additionally, it's worth noting that BBS wheels also come in monoblock, providing an alternative option for those who prefer a single-piece design, showcasing BBS's commitment to offering versatile choices in wheel configurations.

Why BBS Wheels Have Earned Admirers


Many BMW enthusiasts appreciate BBS wheels for their timeless style and performance. Recognized for their strength and lightweight construction, these wheels not only enhance a vehicle's performance but also add a touch of timeless elegance. Beyond the roads, BBS has become an icon of style and status, with social media further cementing its place as a symbol of automotive excellence.

BBS has seamlessly intertwined with luxury and style, transcending its status as a mere brand to become a symbol of prestige. Numerous enthusiasts recognize the association between BBS wheels and status, especially within the BMW community. Owning a BMW often equates to the desire to have BBS wheels, underscoring the brand's widespread popularity and significant influence in automotive aesthetics.

The Average Cost of BBS Wheels for BMW


For those considering BBS wheels, the investment typically ranges from $6,000 to $7,000. While BBS wheels come 2-piece out of the box, we take things to the next level and convert them into 3-piece to provide endless customization. With the flexibility in pricing, enthusiasts can explore an entry point of $4,500 or consider custom options that may go up to $8,500 or more. This adaptability allows owners to find a wheel set that aligns with both preferences and budget. Deciding to purchase BBS wheels for your BMW is an investment that many owners elect to make because of its high quality and strong brand recognition.

Check out some of our favorite sets:

If you desire a custom 3-piece configuration, feel free to contact us for more information and to explore additional possibilities.

    Benefits for Our BMW Community as an Official Distributor


    As the official distributor, Mashimarho strives to share the benefits of this partnership with our community. Regional events and inquiries related to BBS wheels will be directed through us. Being in the automotive spotlight on social media ensures that our community stays informed about the latest offerings and trends, contributing to a richer, shared experience.

    At Mashimarho, we're excited to be your guide to BBS wheels in Washington and beyond. Join us on this exploration, where we celebrate the joy of the open road and the pursuit of automotive excellence together. For inquiries and support, reach out to us at or visit our shop at 5030 208th St SW Suite A, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

    Not located in Washington? No worries, we also ship worldwide! Our team can still help you with any fitment or specification inquiries you may have as you prepare to purchase your next set of BBS wheels!

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